Derek Price | PhD Candidate, German and Media Studies

Over the course of his academic career, Derek has designed and carried out a wide range of individual and collaborative digital projects. Below, you can find short descriptions of and representative examples from selected projects.

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Scholars At Play

Scholars At Play is a project that Derek started in 2016 with fellow graduate students Kyle Romero and Terrell Taylor about games in society and the academy. Initially, the project was focused on structured, seminar-style podcasts, but eventually expanded to include more casual podcast formats, videos, and a blog.

Selected Podcast Episodes

Selected Blog Posts

Selected Features

Scholars At Play has also been interviewed and featured on other podcasts, a selection of which can be heard, below.

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Video Essays

Derek has also written, recorded, and edited several video essays. These essays are available at the links below.


Python Programs

Derek has developed several useful Python programs for various research projects. You can find some of his programs online at the links below.